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Reading: An OER online course remixing experience


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An OER online course remixing experience


Brenda Justine Mallinson ,

South Africa Institute for Distance Education and Rhodes University, ZA
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Greig Emil Krull

South African Institute for Distance Education, ZA
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This paper describes the authors’ experience of remixing two existing OER courses to provide an OER course for a particular purpose and context. The developing country target environment is stated as well as the original resources’ provenance. The motivation for remixing these OER is explored, and the design of the adapted resource is described followed by notes on the implementation and evaluation of the remixed ‘Facilitating Online Learning’ pilot course. Lessons learned include that remixing existing OER courses with similar licenses is an achievable undertaking, and OER will be reused if they are deemed to be contextually relevant. It follows that the content, nature, and deployment environment of the OER is important as is its licensing for reuse. The practical illustration of a simple remix experience is significant, as there is little literature available on remixing OER. Sharing this experience is intended to encourage and inform other such remix projects.

How to Cite: Mallinson, B. J., & Krull, G. E. (2015). An OER online course remixing experience. Open Praxis, 7(3), 263–271. DOI:
Published on 01 Jul 2015.
Peer Reviewed


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