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Reading: A Probe into Reform and Development of DOE in China


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A Probe into Reform and Development of DOE in China


Jichang Yan

Secretary-general of the National Modern Distance Education Coordination Organization of Chinese Colleges and Universities, professor of Tsinghua University, CN
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The progress that China has made in popularization of higher education has laid a good foundation for the development of continuous education. The rapid popularization of the Internet has provided a better environment for the development of IT-based DOE. After nearly 10 years of experimental work, DOE in China has made remarkable achievements, and has been defined the training model of application-oriented talents while exploring in practice. With its unique advantages and accurate positioning, DOE will contribute to learning- communities and learning-groups when the life-long education and learning-society become goals of the development of China's education. DOE will also become China’s main form of education in the leaning society.

How to Cite: Yan, J. (2009). A Probe into Reform and Development of DOE in China. Open Praxis, 3(1), 51–62.
Published on 01 Mar 2009.
Peer Reviewed


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