Using an ‘open approach’ to create a new, innovative higher education model

Susan Huggins, Peter Smith


Navigating learning, formal or informal, can be overwhelming, confusing, and impersonal. With more options than ever, the process of deciding what, where, and when can be overwhelming to a learner. The concept of Open College at Kaplan University (OC@KU) was to bring organization, purpose, and personalization of learning caused by vast resources and numerous options.

Focused on organizing, supporting and providing a personalized education experience using open courses, an innovative higher education model was conceived and created. As the concept of developing a college that adapted its resources and services to the needs of the learner emerged so did the idea of integrating open courses into a formal higher education model to award college credit for open courses as well as inclusion in a degree program.


Individual learning plan, open access, open courses, open education, open learning, open education, open learning, personalized, prior learning

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