Book review of The Battle for Open

Daniel Dominguez


Has the openness movement won the battle to transform itself into a mainstream phenomenon in higher education? If the answer is yes, does this mean that the disputes with other educational technological solutions, in particular restricted, have definitively ended? Or rather is it only the beginning of a long confrontation to take center stage in a digital ecosystem that is increasingly more nuanced, where the number of actors keeps growing and the limits on what is open is ever more diffuse?

In this new book, Martin Weller attempts to find answers to these questions. To do so, he introduces a group of quite varied subjects on evolution and the current state of higher education. As such, his contribution turns into an authentic reference manual for everyone who has an interest in the digitization of education.


Open access, open education, OER

Full Text:



Weller, M. (2014). The Battle for Open: How openness won and why it doesn't feel like victory. London: Ubiquity Press.



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