Open Praxis, volumen 0 issue 1

Editor Open Praxis


Table of Contents

- Providing Effective Feedback Online

Zane Berge & Mauri Collins (1-10)

- Mobile Technologies and the Future of Global Education

Rory McGreal (11-16)

- Cross-Border Higher Education through E-Learning: Issues and Opportunities

Kumiko Aoki (17-25)

- Open and Distance Education in the Global Environment: Opportunities for Collaboration

Ellie Chambers (26-33)

- Global Trade in Educational Services: Implications for Open and Distance Learning (ODL)

S. Savithri & K. Murugan (34-44)

- Interactive Computer Simulation to Support Teaching of Biology in Distance Learning

Basuki Hardjojo, Diki, S. Nurmawati & Susi Sulistiana (45-54)

- An Analysis of Learning Styles of Distance Learners at the Institute of Education Development, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia

Syed Jamal Abdul Nasir bin Syed Mohamad, & Ahmad Saat Daud Mohamad (55-61)

- Application of Cognitive Dissonance Theory to Reduce Dropouts in Distance Education System

G. Radhakrishna & Anurag Saxena (62-66)

- Effects of Globalisation on Education and Culture

S. Chinnammai (67-72)

- Learning Beyond Boundary: The Quest Of a Global Researcher

Gomata Varanasi (73-78)

- Computer Technology for Literacy and Empowerment of Masses in Developing Countries

Piyush Swami & Sasi Benzigar (79-84)


distance education; higher education; ODL; feedback; mobile technologies; e-learning; open education

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