Open Praxis, volumen 1 issue 1

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Table of Contents

- A Study on the Importance of Fostering Trust in a Distance Learning Community

Sónia Sousa, David Lamas & Brian Hudson (1-10)

- Teacher Upgrading through Distance Education in a South African Context

C. G. Kruger & Prof. E. J. Spamer (11-19)

An Investigation into Delivery of On-Line Courses within an Early Childhood Teacher Education Distance Programme in New Zealand

Susan E. Smart (20-29)

- Transnational Online Project Management Curriculum Model for Engineering Students

Enrique Benimeli Bofarull, Anke Muendler, Peter Haber (30-39)

- China Rural Distance Education and Construction of the New Countryside

Li Fanghong & Zeng Yichun (40-46)

- E-Learning in Japan: Steam Locomotive on Shinkansen

Ali E. Ozkul, Ph.D. & Kumiko Aoki, Ph.D.  (47-55)

- Widening Access to Higher Education: Open and Distance Learning in Higher Education Setting in Indonesia

Paulina Pannen (56-65)

- Research and Development of a Costing Toolkit for Distance, Flexible and ICT-Based Education for Teacher Development in Africa

Frank R J Banks (66-75)

- Fostering E-Learning in Medical Education: The Eurovacc Team Experience

Guilherme Andrade Marson, Nathalie Debard, Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl, Pascal Py, Yan Cornneille, Laurent Richard, Alain Meystre (76-86)

- Program Upgrading Teachers in Education

Irene Hardy de Gómez (87-95)

- ICT based learning strategies for Educating nomads

Yogesh Kulkarni & Dr. Madhav Gaikwad (96-102)

- Information and Communication Technology and Distance Education in Brazil

Marta de Campos Maia & Fernando de Souza Meirelles (103-112)

- ICDE’s interview with Susan D’Antoni, UNESCO International Institute for

Educational Planning (IIEP) (113-117)

- ICDE Task Force Open Educational Resources – Inquiry Results (118-125)

- 22nd ICDE – World Conference on Distance Education: Facts and figures (126-131)


distance education; e-learning; higher education; ICT

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