Open Praxis, volumen 3 issue 1

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Table of Contents

- Non-Conventional Higher Education and the Construction of a Learning Society

GE Daokai (1-9)

- Trends, Innovations, and Opportunities in Open and Distance Learning

Frits Pannekoek (10-15)

- Higher education in the 21st century: the challenges for open and distance learning

B.M. Gourley (16-23)

- Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities – Vocational ODL in New Zealand

Paul Grimwood (24-33)

- New Forms of Managing Distance Education Institutions: Advancing open distance learning in Africa

N. Barney Pityana (34-40)

- Overcoming Obstacles in Building the Learning City: The Case of Brazil

Fredric M. Litto (41-50)

- A Probe into Reform and Development of DOE in China

YAN Jichang (51-62)

- Distance Education as a Key Factor in Building Literacy in India

Swati Mujumdar (63-69)

- Global Connections – Local Impacts Opportunities and Challenges for Cross-Border Open and Distance Learning

Don Olcott (70-74)

- Borderless Education: Breaking Down Barriers through E-Learning and Effective Networking

Anuwar Ali (75-82)

- Shanghai’s Practice and Exploration in the Building of Learning City

XUE Mingyang (83-89)

- Better Learning Better City: Mission and Responsibility of Open Universities

ZHANG Deming (90-96)

- ICDE at UNESCO is at the crossroads between militant engagement and professional expertise

Bernard Loing (97-109)

- Final Report (draft version) ICDE Global Task Force on Open Educational Resources (OER)

Fred Mulder and Jos Rikers (110-148)

- Management of Mega-Universities - A Case Study of CRTVUs

Ge Daokai (149-164)

- Flexible Learning Futures

Jim Taylor (165-169)

- The Challenges and Perspectives of Borderless Higher Education

Don Olcott (170-187)

- Open and Distance Learning Using ICTs - UNESCO’s Perspective

Abdul Waheed Khan (188-197)

- Using a ‘Portfolio’ as an Assessment Tool for Continuous Professional Development through Open Distance Learning in the Mauritian Civil Service

Jheengut (198-212)

- A Golden Combi?! - Open Educational Resources and Open, Flexible and Distance Learning

Fred Mulder and Jos Rikers (213-228)


distance education; OER; open education; ICT; higher education; e-learning; ODL

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