Book review of Revolution in Higher Education

Jennifer Anna Kepka


In Revolution in Higher Education, Georgia Tech Professor Richard DeMillo contrasts the rapid innovations made in online learning by a small band of interested, outside-of-academia adventurers with the slow progress made within the ivory tower. DeMillo follows innovators with now-familiar names and projects like Coursera and Udacity through their startup phases, describing motives and methods, with an insider's view at their effects on college learning. Then, after a thorough lesson in the history of the academy, DeMillo argues that adherence to academic tradition will not save higher education. In fact, he says, only flexibility and speed can help colleges and universities meet the challenges of today and the inevitable disintegration of higher education as we know it of tomorrow.


higher education; online learning; distance learning; MOOCs

Full Text:



DeMillo, R. A. (2015). Revolution in Higher Education: How a small band of innovators will make college accessible and affordable. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.



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