An Academic-cum-Social Networking Online Platform

Mandar Lakshmikant Bhanushe


This article is a review of theCN, an online virtual learning environment. CN is more than a learning management system, as it not only focuses on course content delivery and management, but takes it a step further by introducing the networking of courses and their content. In comparison with existing LMS’s, which are housed in closed walls with limited access to learners and instructors within institutions, used to merely manage courses online, CN is an open, free, academic and social networking framework scalable to massive numbers of learners from any place in the world within a single environment. CN is free for all to use across the globe. With some minor improvements, CN, as an LMS is surely one of very useful and helpful virtual learning technology tool available to distance learners and institutions to make learning entertaining and fruitful in achieving its learning objectives.


Distance Education, Virtual Classrooms, Online Learning, Blended Learning

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