Framework for the Development of OER-based Learning Materials in ODL Environment

Khor Ean Teng, Chung Sheng Hung


This paper describes the framework for the development of OER-based learning materials TCC121/05 Programming Fundamentals with Java for ODL learners in Wawasan Open University (WOU) using three main development phases mainly: creation, evaluation and production phases. The proposed framework has further been tested on ODL learners to promote greater use of OER repositories and further the acceptance of a wider range of learning resources. By using collective feedback sessions, the walkthrough of available OER resources to be integrated or assembled into the learning materials is illustrated in the course development cycle and the interaction among students and instructors and learning experiences of courses units’ content are evaluated at the end of each of the courses with the production of external course assessor’s reports (Quality Assurance). The learners’ interactions with OER materials in LMS have demonstrated the development of a model for effective knowledge transfer using OER.


collective feedback sessions, course development, learning materials, OER development, quality assurance

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